PowermaxSMS – Android

PowermaxSMS works with your own Visonic SMS Alarm System.

Can be donwloadet on Android Market.


This application is pre-programed for a Visonic Powermax alarm system, using the codes from this manual.

Control overview:
- Activate
- Activate Instant
- Deactivate
- Home
- Home Instant
- Status report
- X10 control
- Set alarm name
- AlertDialog when SMS is received from Powermax, Phone will wake up and start Sound and/or Vibrate.

This PowermaxSMS Alarm Remote allows you to access your home alarm system from your mobile phone. By typing in your phone number and password it is possible to activate, deactivate, ask for status report, or control X10 moduls.

PowermaxSMS is compatible for 10 languages commands: Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. PowermaxSMS is an alarm remote which works as a Home Control and as an Alarm Monitor that gets its information from your own Alarm System. The Remote Alarm System makes it easy to control your home alarm.

Try the Free lite version to ensure that the application is compatible to your alarm system before you buy this full version.